SEO / Accessibility

JSN Dome has some great features to improve your website visibility to search engines and audience with disabilities. All these SEO features are not new, but they are built-in the template and you do not have to install any additional extensions.

Source ordering

Source ordering

One of the most important SEO techniques is to make sure that search engine can find your critical content before others. To make this possible in our template code structure we generate the “center” part first and only after that “left” and “right” columns.

In this way, you can be sure that search engines will see your critical content first. You can use Lynx browser both online or offline to make sure of that.

Website Title

Website Title

This feature allows you to use value defined in parameter Site Name from Joomla Global Configuration and show it in tag <title> on every pages. By default Joomla! presents Site Name only at back-end and offline page. Now, with parameter Website Title you can utilize Site Name at front-end on every page. This is great feature to improve your website SEO, since you can define a website title with some important keywords and show it on every page.

Top H1 tag

Top h1 tag

This feature allows you to wrap website slogan to <h1> tag, which is good for both SEO and accessibility. As we all know, <h1> is the most important content tag and search engine normally pays special attention to the content in that tag. Once you configured your keyword-powered website title and slogan, you can include them in the first h1 tag to increase SE ranking.

Chi c'è on-line

Abbiamo un visitatore e nessun utente online

L'importanza della formazione

Formazione Non ConvenzionaleForm fornisce conoscenze, metodologie e strumenti d'azione necessari per interpretare e gestire al meglio la complessa realtà del mondo del lavoro.


Investire in sicurezza

Investire in sicurezzaPrima di investire in interventi per salute e sicurezza sul lavoro, i Datori di lavoro vogliono conoscere le implicazioni finanziarie dei loro investimenti.


S5 volte social

S5 volte social S5, consapevole dell'importanza dei social network e dei nuovi modi di comunicare, è presente per essere sempre in contatto con i Clienti.


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